OfficeXe offers

Full compatibility with Word and Excel from as little as $0.50 per user, per month.

OfficeXe suite HubXe is for a business of any size Easy to use CRM integrated with analytics

DocumentsXe is fully compatible with Microsoft Word.

You can open Word documents that look beautiful and Word templates and other compatible files with Word. You get well-known experience for a fraction of its cost.

  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Word files (open/save).
  • Supports Microsoft Word Templates.
  • Feature-rich with over 200 features.
  • Review & collaborate with others.

SpreadsheetXe is a drop-in replacement for Excel

Not only cheaper but equally functional, supporting native Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and templates.

  • Supports Microsoft Excel Templates.
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Excel (open/save).
  • One of the best with over 300 features.
  • Low cost no longer means low quality. Get the best value software.
CalendarXe is an easy calendar for busy office people

Manage your day with CalendarXe.

Create appointments, reminders, tasks, recurring events and automate them with AutomationXe technology.

  • Beautiful, easy, and fast calendar
  • Integrates AutomationXe
  • Auto connect Zoom/Google Meet meetings
  • Windows 7/10

PDFXe is a stunning PDF viewer.

With PDFXe you can efficiently work with any PDF documents.

  • Open any PDF efficiently.
  • Easy to use.
  • Collaborate by notating or commenting.
  • Print, save, export, import.